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Daily Archives: November 25, 2013

The Baking Bug

It never fails around the holidays. I want to fire up the oven and start baking. Today it was cookies.


But not Christmas cookies, just yet. These were molasses cookies, the kind my husband likes. The kind that make you think more about fall and harvest and Thanksgiving.


These were trial cookies. To decide what to take to the crafts fair at the Conservancy, where we put cookies out as a treat.

But, they were a surprise present easily baked while my husband ran errands. Like finding brining bags for my Maple Lawn turkey. I forgot to buy them.

When he returned this afternoon, the cooling cookies were making the kitchen smell wonderful.


Bon Appetit chewy molasses cookies.

I didn’t have dark brown sugar, nor cardamom. Used light brown sugar. Slightly increased the other spices and added a 1/4 teaspoon of allspice.

Mine came out a little lighter due to the substitution of sugar. Still, they were chewy and really great as dessert tonight.

There are lots more cookies to bake in the next few weeks. Maybe, I will find a good recipe and join the Oakland Mills cookie swap. My only problem with that cookie swap. Coming home with six dozen cookies (tempting, but not good for keeping us on track with cutting back on sweets).

Here’s to getting into the holiday spirit.