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Daily Archives: November 9, 2013

It’s Not Delivery …

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And it’s not DiGiorno either. My latest attempts at thin crust pizzas. I think I liked the veggie one best, even though I love the fig, prosciutto, cheese and arugula pizza quite a bit.


This is what they looked like before being baked.

I used the COSTCO kit to make these pizzas. I haven’t yet mastered dough on my own, and most pizza crusts are too thick. These shells came six to a pack with two packages of garlic sauce and four of tomato sauce. I used one package of garlic sauce and half a pack of tomato. There is too much sauce in one pack for one pizza. Unless you like soggy pizza.

I made the pizza on the right using garlic sauce, dried mission black figs bought at Roots, Hook’s gorgonzola from Roots, prosciutto from COSTCO (that giant industrial size package) and a drizzle of lemon infused olive oil from St Helena.

Arugula scattered over the top when it is done.

The left pizza is a veggie pizza. Garlic and tomato sauce mixed. My absolute favorite mushroom pate from Roots (wish I could figure out how to make this), roasted green pepper, roasted garlic (From my garden), and two cheeses. One a pecorino and the other an Iberico. Italian herbs.

Baked at 400 degrees for ten minutes. Served with my fennel orange salad.


And a North Gate Rose of Chambourcin. Bought at the newly opened Petite Cellars. North Gate is in Loudoun County VA and is part of a large selection of local wines at the new store in Turf Valley.

Petite Cellars Grand Opening is Tuesday the 12th. Another addition to the Turf Valley collection of stores and restaurants by the Harris Teeter.

Interesting how in nine years, things have changed so much out here.

As for my pizzas, my husband declared them a major success. He likes thin crust pizza and these are crisp and full of flavor.

Thanks to COSTCO and Roots I can replace delivery pizza and store bought pizza, with almost homemade. I just have to conquer that problem with making my own dough and getting it thin enough.