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What’s new in the world of warehouse shopping? Had my quarterly (or longer) trip over to COSTCO, mainly for allergy meds, toilet paper, aluminum foil, basic spices and nine volt batteries for the smoke detectors.

As usual, I find interesting things I decide to impulse buy. Like the pomegranates.


We are addicted to the pomegranate seeds. But, at $4-5 each (at Wegmans), we didn’t indulge much. Today I found a six pack for $13.99, which is a real bargain for something so much fun to eat.

We love them with yogurt, or on salads, or just to snack. I picked up some of our favorite Pequea Valley yogurt last weekend, vanilla, to pair with my spiced apples (made from those Larriland apples). Vanilla and pomegranate are a good match, too.

I also picked up a six pack of red peppers, to put on the grill.


There will be some ajvar made with these. As well as some roasted red pepper hummus. We have eggplant from the CSA for the ajvar.

Another major find this visit was the return of Pacific organic roasted red pepper and tomato soup. It isn’t always there. It is a staple to thicken soups that need a tomato kick, without sacrificing my stash of tomatoes and/or sauce.

I was looking to purchase some tuna to grill. The weather has been lovely. They didn’t have any tuna today. I picked up a couple of packs of wild halibut. One of my favorite white fleshed fish.


Seasoned with mustard, peach vinaigrette, pepper and thyme. Drizzled with lemon olive oil. Perfect with fingerlings and broccoli.


We don’t get to COSTCO often, now that it is 16 miles away. It is always a treat to go there and discover what’s new. And, stock up on staples and pantry items. And, nuts for Christmas cookie baking. It is getting close to that time, we know.


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Retired, I am following my dream of living in quiet west Howard County, a rural oasis, not far from the urban chaos, but just far enough. I love to cook, bake, garden, and travel. I volunteer at Howard County Conservancy. I lead nature hikes, manage programs and show children all the wonders of nature, and the agricultural connection to their food.

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  1. The Trader Joe’s near Costco usually has a good selection of frozen fish.

    A week or two ago I bought a couple of organic pomegranates at MOM’s because they were on sale. I’d never tried them before. I think they were only a dollar each. I had no idea that was such a spectacularly low price. They were showing their age outside, but the seeds were fine.

  2. One of the things I go to Costco to get is the Greek Yogurt Jalapeno dip. I use it to make sauces that call for cream. OK I probably put it in most things I make because I love the taste.

  3. I have been lucky for the past . . . oh probably 8 years or so, there has been a Costco located near somewhere I need to be each month. When we lived in Virginia it was the one down by Potomac Mills, a few blocks from the monthly daytime SB support group meeting. Here in Ohio it’s down in Cincinnati, a stretch usually, but 7 minutes away from the ice rink I’m at every Monday night from October through April while my son is at sled hockey practice.
    I recently started making my own granola (recipe from Meghan at Clean Eats Fast Feets) so the oats, nuts, and flaxseed meal from Costco come in quite handy. My kids adore sharp cheddar slices in their sandwiches, so I’m glad to have a cheaper option for that bulk purchase.
    Mostly, though, I’m glad to know I’m not the only person who, while liking to celebrate local food, also likes to eat food that’s grown nowhere near my home (bananas, avocados, and pomegranates I’m talkin’ ’bout you).

  4. Lora, my husband loves pomegranates in salads and just to snack. These will be gone in a week, so I don’t mind getting six of them. Too many things at COSTCO are too big for a couple. I learned the hard way, by having stuff rot, that we shouldn’t buy foods there unless I use them quickly. The really fresh CSA foods have shown us that warehouse fruit and veggies are pretty old, compared to one day fresh stuff.

    Duane, I got their Greek yogurt spinach and kale dip, same company, to try. Didn’t see the jalapeño one.

    Kirsten, we are the same way. Have to have bananas around. Same with avocado. Oranges. Never will find local sources for those. What grows here, I buy from here. But, loving to cook means using spices and oils and chocolate and exotic fruit. So, I’m just that crazy locavore and foodie combination. Works for me.


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