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Daily Archives: September 25, 2013

Of Gardens and Wineries

Or, a garden at a winery that inspired me to try new things next year.

Fall wine trip 097

This is Barboursville’s garden. I am definitely trying out the trellis method next year. I even bought a few seeds to try things.

Fall wine trip 203

I am going to plant that trellis of Malibar Spinach, and I am going to conquer that dislike of cardoons. It seems I didn’t do them the right way when I got them in the CSA last year.

csa week 17 019

You really need to peel that woody outer layer away. And I didn’t.

So, come March there will be cardoon and Malabar spinach seeds in pots on our windowsill.

Fall wine trip 083

Really love this spinach trellis.

Oh yeah, this is a winery I know. We are no strangers to Barboursville. We have enjoyed numerous lunches at Palladio, their restaurant that reaps the benefits of this garden. Have been drinking Octagon since 2000.

barboursville at dinner 016

This was the 1998 release that we bought on our first trip there for my husband’s 50th birthday. We have many of them in our collection.

Barboursville can be crowded, so go during the week. The property is beautiful and you can picnic on the grounds, or check out the ruins.

For us, there will be combined trips to visit Early Mountain and Barboursville, as they aren’t that far apart.