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Daily Archives: September 30, 2013


A tribute to Marcella Hazan. Who inspired me in my pursuit of Italian classic cooking techniques.

marcella hazan 056

“Really tasty”. An understatement.

marcella hazan 053

It was Marcella’s cookbooks that taught me to make risotto. Taught me technique. Taught me patience in browning and prepping vegetables. Taught me how to make bolognese.

Saturday I picked up another of her books at the used book store in Glenwood. The next day was the day of her passing. I didn’t buy it because she signed it.

marcella hazan 004

I bought it because I learn so much from her. I was reading through this new book, new for me at least, yesterday. Then saw that at 89, she left this world.

marcella hazan 038

Rest in peace, one of the extraordinary Italian home cooks, who gave her knowledge to all of us who love to cook.