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Daily Archives: September 16, 2013

Prayers for My Colleagues

Today was really a lovely day, until I turned on the news and heard about the shootings.

As more details became known, I saw that the gunman was positioned on the same deck (floor in non-Navy speak) and not far from my cubicle overlooking the atrium in Building 197 of the Naval Sea Systems Command. People who worked for me, and worked with me, still work there now.


I am hoping I don’t find any of their names on any lists tomorrow.

This horrible shooting, and the lock down, brings back way too many memories of 9/11. We were in lock down that day too. Then, we watched the smoke from the Pentagon drift past our windows looking out towards the Potomac. We were locked down for almost four hours, not knowing that people who worked with us who had offices in the Pentagon, and who we met in meetings and talked with on the phones, perished in that attack.

Working for the Navy was truly a wonderful career. I could say I made a difference when building new systems for ships and subs. I loved all the years, in all the different locations.

I moved out of that location ten years ago. My boss, and most of my closest friends there, are all retired, but the younger generation, who was moving into those offices of leadership, is still there.