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Daily Archives: September 21, 2013

Garden Transitions

The garden is moving into its fall mode. My lone Thelma Sanders squash is getting bigger, but it hasn’t been joined by any others.

week 18 of 2013 025

There are blossoms all around it, but no other squash. Could be a real bust.

I have a few dozen green tomatoes left out there.

week 18 of 2013 031

Since it will still be warm for a while, I am hoping they ripen. Otherwise, green tomato pesto pasta, or maybe that green tomato bacon jam.

The basil has continued to flourish, even as I keep cutting it.

week 18 of 2013 021

The African blue basil is putting out new growth.

The fall greens have started to spread in their boxes. I have chard and arugula out there.

week 18 of 2013 017

This is the ruby chard. I may mix it with the French sorrel from the CSA box and make a quiche. It may be getting close to October but there is quite a bit left to harvest, on these lovely crisp days. We do need rain, though. I have been watering things again.