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Daily Archives: September 12, 2013

Falling Behind

In the CSA consumption. Week 17 crept up on us before we finished week 16. Another Baker’s dozen this week.

farmland pics and csa week 17 2013 057

1 Spaghetti Squash – Riverview Organics
1 bag Bintje Potatoes- De Glae Organics
1 bag Sweet Onions – Liberty Branch Farm
1 bag Garlic – Friends Road Farm
1 bag Habanero Peppers – Tasty Harvest
1 bunch Dinosaur Kale- Farmdale Organics
1 head Green Leaf Lettuce – Green Valley Organics
1 head Green Butterhead Lettuce – Maple Lawn Organics
1 stalk Edamame – Liberty Branch Farm
1 head Curly Endive Meadow Valley Organics
1 head Baby Bok Choy – Plum Hill Organics
1 bunch Italian OR Curly Parsley – Noble Herbs
1 pint Gold Grape Tomatoes – Chiques Roc Organics

The new one here is the Bintje potatoes. Who knew potatoes could arouse such passion and controversy. These are the famous Belgian potatoes used for frites, according to the WSJ article about them.

So now I need to find beef drippings?

Then there’s the edamame. Which we love. Simply cooked. Boiled in heavily salted water. Squeezed out of their pods as the perfect appetizer to accompany gin and tonics on the patio.

But then, there’s those killer habaneros.

farmland pics and csa week 17 2013 045

There are eleven of these things! I can handle one or two, but ELEVEN! OK, time to find a hot pepper jelly recipe. Stay tuned to see how this works out.

I do love the return of the greens. We got butter lettuce, endive and leaf lettuce. Plus the kale.

Fall is definitely coming. I do need to get out of garden processing mode, and start eating the CSA bounty a little quicker.