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Doing My Happy Dance

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For the CSA bounty. This week we got a baker’s dozen. Thirteen items. Some of my absolute favorites.

csa week 11 2013 and tabbouleh 020

The list:
10 ears sweet corn – Farmdale Organics
1 quart garden peach heirloom tomatoes – Riverview Organics
1 bag green bell peppers – Twin Pines Organics
3 (monster) green zucchini – Spring Valley Organics
1 bag red slicing tomatoes – White Swan Acres
1 bag mixed garlic – Eagle View Organics
1 bunch Italian parsley – Noble Herbs
1 bag orange carrots – Pine Hill Organics
1 bag white garlic – Friends Road Organics
1 bag yellow roma tomatoes – Millwood Springs Organics
1 bag red beets – Farmdale Organics
1 lil sweetie cantaloupe – The Back 40 Ranch
1 pint blackberries – Freedom Acres

Yes, for $31 (the weekly charge), we got close to 35 pounds of organic produce.

We are heading into that part of the summer when we almost drown in veggies. Today we also got some great fruit. This week I will be giving away a few veggies. My neighbor loves zucchini. We will probably trade concord grapes from their arbor for a couple of zucchini.

I just wish my tomatoes would kick into gear. Lots of green ones out there. Not a whole lot that are ripe.

The parsley was inspiring. I decided to make tabbouleh.

csa week 11 2013 and tabbouleh 043

I chopped up all the parsley and ran with it. Yep, we have tomatoes. Nope, no green onions so I used a sweet onion. Nope, no bulgur so I used couscous. This tabbouleh came from parsley, mint from my garden, onions, cucumbers, couscous, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic and allspice. Please don’t ask me for a recipe, because I just added stuff in amounts that looked good.

csa week 11 2013 and tabbouleh 049

Sometimes you just have to wing it.


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  1. Sounds like there is a delicious garlic soup in your future.

  2. Everything looks delicious! đŸ™‚

  3. Tabbouleh looks great. So does your entire haul!


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