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Daily Archives: June 4, 2013

A Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

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Springtime weather. Seventy five degrees. No humidity. Sunny. Blue skies.

grillin chillin and drinking 057

As we learned today at Dennis Lane’s Memorial service at Merriweather from his family, his favorite season.

Hundreds of friends, family, old college buddies, people from all over Howard County and beyond, came together. Our local area lost a huge promoter of living here. Someone whose motto was “I Live Here. I Work Here. I Love This Place.”

I saw so many old friends of ours. Friends who also knew Dennis. I ran into Claire and JK Lea on the way out. JK was an old neighbor, for I don’t know how many years he was a fixture in Columbia. Saw Tori Marriner. Mike and Nichole Hickey. Countless other friends and blogging compatriots who knew Dennis.

We shared the same barber (at least he and my husband did, Wayne only cut my hair when my regular stylist was on medical leave). For a while the same doctors. Knew many of the same people from the old days. Dennis came to Columbia seven years before me, and we both originally lived in Wilde Lake.

You found them in the collective community that came together to celebrate Dennis’ life.

People like Dennis have many gifts. He could write well, speak well, and related well to everyone. He loved what he did, who he met, and just was one of the county’s biggest cheerleaders.

There is a void here now. I feel for his family and closest friends. I knew him just a few years. He still made a huge impression.

Thank you to all his family and friends, who stood up and shared their memories. It was a lovely day in the neighborhood.