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Daily Archives: June 10, 2013

I Need to Build an Ark!

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Seriously. Before we all wash away out here. RIMPO weather, the definitive source of information about the weather in this neck of the woods, says 1.7″ of rain in the last 24 hours.

Today: 1.70in
Hi Rain Rate: 0.209in/hr at 8:18pm
Current Hour: 0.38in
Last 24 Hours: 1.70in
This Month: 4.86in
Year-to-Date: 19.45in
Official MTD Rainfall @ BWI: 3.11in
Official YTD Rainfall @ BWI: 16.97in

Yep, almost twenty inches of rain this year out here. Real rain.

weather with the rain 076

Oh, and those really cool underground drains. They work quite well.

weather with the rain 058

Pulling the rain away from the foundation and watering my trees out front. Here is the construction picture.

spring clean up 027

I wonder if this qualifies for a credit from the county for stormwater management. After all, I need to get something back for the $165 I will be paying to the county. For all that water that never leaves my property, and all the water that ends up in my front yard from the county road. Maybe I should tax them? It will probably be July before it is safe to take the tractor down into the depressed area in our southwest corner. Where all the run off from the road and our shared driveways ends up.

Interesting times ahead in Howard County. I have the lowest fee in my area, since my neighbor owns the shared driveway. I don’t mind saving the Bay, but paying so others will fix their problems sort of rubs me the wrong way.

Yes, my fee of $165 is by far the lowest of all my neighbors. The worst. $1230, for a neighbor who bought 20 acres behind another farm. Want to know what your fee is?

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