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Daily Archives: June 20, 2013

Adventures in Food

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Micro Radishes. Something new in the CSA box.

field day prep and csa week 5 2013 014

Things like these micro radishes are the reason we love belonging to a CSA. Little surprises, of items we never encountered, except maybe in fancy restaurants once or twice.

My husband really loves radishes, so these little gems are radish taste on steroids. Really spicy and peppery. Perfect scattered on top of a salad, or as a bed for tuna. Tonight on a salad.

What else did we get from Lancaster Farm Fresh, the Amish co-op that supplies our CSA.

2 yellow straightneck squash – Outback Farm
1 pack microradishes – Eastbrook Produce
1 bunch sweet onions – Sweetaire Farm
1 head broccoli – Twin Pines Organics
1 bunch mint – White Swan Acres
1 bunch red beets – Farmdale Organics
1 bunch orange carrots – Freedom Acres
1 bag mustard – Organic Willow Acres
1 head escarole – Windy Hollow Organics
1 bag baby lettuce mix – Elm Tree Organics
1 bunch English thyme – Noble Herbs
1 quart new red potatoes – Plum Hill Organics

field day prep and csa week 5 2013 012

Yes, asparagus is not on the list, but a half share member was there putting it in the swap box when I got there. I grow English thyme, so mine went in the box for those lovely asparagus spears.

This week’s box is showing us that summer is coming, what with the yellow squash and those gorgeous onions.

I like getting twelve items, of reasonable quantity. The beets will go quickly, and the carrots and the broccoli. I need to find something creative to do with the baby mustard greens. And, escarole. Not my favorite, but I will find something in the recipe blogs to use it up.

Field Day is this weekend. Most of the greens will end up in a salad I will be taking up to the site for Sunday lunch.

CSAs are gaining in popularity in this area. Currently, Sandy Spring, Breezy Willow Farm, Love Dove Farm, Gorman Farm, One Straw Farm, Zahradka Farm all deliver to the county. Along with Friends and Farms.

Check them out and let me know of others in the area.