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Daily Archives: June 23, 2013

Wrapping Up Another Year … W3AO

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Every year the list gets longer as more and more people support the two local radio clubs, CARA and PVRC, in making the annual Field Day bigger and better.

field day three 2013 010

Watching W3LPL roll up his cables, this year with the help of KD4D, I think to myself, they are walking two miles combined. After operating their radios for most of the 24 hour contest period.

field day three 2013 022

They, along with about a dozen other very tired, but elated, participants, took down all the towers, all the wires, all the computers, a half dozen tents, and all those other little jobs that would leave the school field looking just like it did when they arrived.

Earlier today, it was cooler, a little overcast, but then the wind kicked up, the flags showed the weather changing, and everyone thought we would be tearing down the setup in bad weather.

field day three 2013 014

Jim, N3KTV was prepared for a rainy tear down, but thankfully after an hour of drizzle and some heavy rain, it did clear up in time for the grilled lunch. Unfortunately, hot, humid weather made it a bit uncomfortable to work out there. I think we went through dozens of bottles of water, and lots of watermelon, bananas, and grapes.

At one point, I was driving around the fields giving out water bottles and offering more sun screen. We had multiple teams pulling down antennas, cranking down towers along with the dismantling of the operating tents.

field day three 2013 023

Here I do want to pay tribute to the sometimes unsung heroes in any endeavor, like this weekend event. Those members of the clubs and their friends and families who spend hours after the end of the event cleaning up and putting it all away until next time. Even after long hours. And, to KE3Q, for making the Get On The Air (GOTA) station a much used and appreciated station for young and old alike to be introduced to the magic of contacting someone anywhere in the US and Canada.

field day three 2013 005

Without the dedicated team players, any organization, non profit or otherwise, can’t succeed. I think W3AO succeeds because of all of those dedicated people. Glad that they are our neighbors and friends. It was another great event. Safely conducted. Can’t wait to see the final results and looking forward to next year, our fifteenth anniversary of operating here in Howard County.