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What Do You Find at a Fall Market?

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As anyone knows who reads my blog, I am a big advocate for supporting our local farmers and buying at our markets. I was pleased to see that three of our five markets have expanded their season into the fall. Until the weekend before Thanksgiving, there will be Howard County markets.

I went out to Glenwood today. I was late as we were doing some cleanup this morning, and I was on gum ball duty.

gum balls, covering the ground

I suppose I should call it good news, bad news, as all of them came down at once during the hurricane. We were trying to get a few things done before my husband went into his cave and radio contests the rest of the weekend. I am now free to hit the markets and the craft festival tomorrow.

As for Glenwood, all were there except for Breezy Willow and Bowling Green. Zahradka was already cleaning up at noon, but was offering some bargains if you needed veggies. I don’t, except for a few white potatoes. I got them at TLV, as well as eggs and meat.

The eggs, I got two dozen as I am completely out, and you need to put a dozen away in the back of the fridge for at least two weeks before you can hard boil them. Fresh eggs don’t hard boil as well as older ones.

extra large free range eggs

As for their meat, I got some kielbasa and some sausage with sage.

I popped over to Lewis Orchards to pick up some Jonah gold apples. A large basket, as we are out of apples again.

Stopped at Stone House for gingerbread, which became dessert tonight. And to pick up a loaf of their multigrain to put in the freezer to use with a soup later in the week.

Finally hit the Breadery for that focaccia I had with dinner, and to get a loaf of whole wheat for toasting with our eggs, and sandwiches this week.

Since I was late, I don’t know what all Zahradka had, as it was mostly in the truck. I did see eggplant, peppers and onions. TLV also had squash, pumpkins and gourds. Honey, and their bottled and jarred goodies like pumpkin butter, bread and butter pickles. Lewis Orchards had apple cider too.

Let’s see. Bread, meat and potatoes. Fruit, dessert, coffee from the Cosmic Bean. You can make a meal with the goodies at our markets. Try and stop at one of the three markets and support our farmers in their last two weeks of the season. Get some fresh local items for your Thanksgiving feast.


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