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Daily Archives: July 1, 2012

Eating Locally: Even With All the Craziness

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Yes, the craziness. Loss of power. A Weekend trying to stay cool. Did we do it? Yes, mostly.

Tonight we grilled. Since the downstairs AC is down, we didn’t want to heat up the kitchen. I went to Jenny’s market this morning, and found them moved up the road since their tents were ruined with trees falling Friday night. They are still upbeat and have lots of good things to eat.

I had a pound of Black Angus beef taken out Friday to grill Saturday for friends. That didn’t happen after the storm, so we used it tonight.

The beef was formed around some Wegmans pepper jack cheese, and seasoned with salt and pepper. The beef is local, from this winter’s CSA. The cheese isn’t.

Tomatoes from southern MD. Onions local, too. Corn probably from VA. Not our good sweet corn, but not bad.

Salad made from CSA beets, greens and a pear from Harbin Farms farm stand. Beer and wine both local. He wanted beer. I wanted wine.

I added one of my frozen strawberry purees to my wine glass, making a sangria.

Honestly, what is better than a low carb meal, no bun, with fresh onions, tomatoes and cheese stuffed burgers?

Oh, I forgot. Grilled corn with seasoned butter.


What A Difference A Day Makes

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Friday I worried about tomatoes. Then, this derecho hit. What in the world is a derecho? Not something we want to see again.

We lost two trees. And power. Others are in much worse shape. We had almost no warning, as we did not expect this at all. Before we could even react and pull down antennas and batten down the hatches, the power went off. 11 PM Friday night.

Saturday, no power. We cut down trees and tried to stay cool.

Lots of downed trash trees, aka Tree of Heaven. They are leaning down all over our property line. Breaking off whenever the wind picks up.

Without power, we had no water. Flushing toilets. Not happening without the help of water from our neighbor’s pool. Buckets of it.

Water is precious when you are on a well.

We were lucky. Lots of houses still without power. Glenelg hit hard. Huge trees down.

When our power came back Saturday night at 10 PM, you could hear cheering through the open bedroom windows. Of course, now, one AC unit crashed and burned. Compressor won’t start. At least the upstairs unit is working. ESA will get called tomorrow. Wonder how long until they get here?

I hate derechos.