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Daily Archives: July 19, 2012

Holy Basil, Batman!

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Tulsi. Never heard of it until it showed up in our CSA box. Smells interesting.

tulsi aka holy basil

It was one of twelve items in this week’s Sandy Spring CSA box, which was a bit late since the fruit share this week included watermelons. The drivers get way behind the weeks they have to deal with dozens of watermelons that take up lots of space and also take more time to unload. That meant about ten of us were at the pick up point waiting for the truck, and we got to meet one another and talk. Nice to meet our fellow CSAers. Here’s the list, all certified organic with the exception of the onions, which are transitional.

1 Bunch Holy Basil (Tulsi) Lancaster Farmacy
1 Bag Lemon Cucumbers De-Glae Organic Farm
1 Pint Red Grape Tomatoes Freedom Acres Farm
1 Bunch Thumbelina French Heirloom Carrots Farmdale Organics
1 Bag Heirloom Tomatoes Freedom Acres Farm
1 Bag White Bell Peppers Friends Road Organics
1 Bunch Red Beets Sunny Slope Organics
1 Bag Red Onions Sweetaire Farm
1 Bag Japanese Eggplant Maple Lawn Organics
1 Bag Mixed Squash Maple Lawn Organics
1 Bag Red Gold Potatoes Millwood Springs Organics
1 Italian Eggplant Echo Valley Organics

The value post will come this weekend. I need to research the value of lemon cucumbers, and a few other things. The picture.

Week 11 CSA box contents

I am loving the yellow tomatoes, the lemon cucumbers and the white peppers. This looks like definite gazpacho material here.

Additionally, today we stopped at Boarman’s to pick up a few items. Some basic feta for a watermelon, feta and mint salad I want to take to a picnic Tuesday. Some crab cakes and filets. Ice cream. Between Wegmans and Boarman’s, I think I can eliminate Giant Food and Safeway from my life entirely. That would probably not be a bad thing to do, as I am doing well in avoiding those stores.

Now, to decide to do with squash and eggplant, besides ratatouille. Off to look at the linky party at In Her Chucks. There is a huge source of recipes and info from dozens of people who receive CSAs, every week the list grows. It is a great resource. I need to link up my CSA post, once it is published.