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Daily Archives: July 3, 2012

Location, Location, Location

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That’s what all the real estate agents tell you. But, what about location? What is important? Peace and quiet? Access? Amenities?

Out here in West HoCo things are different. Slower. More people are self sufficient and don’t rely on outside services. We like it out here but you have to be prepared. We thought we were in pretty good shape. Wood stove for heat in the winter. UPS’s for power glitches. Gas grill. With a little advance notice, fill the tubs with water to flush the toilets. We should get a small generator to keep the freezer and sump pump powered but haven’t done it yet.

Our worst outage before last weekend was 16 hours long during the ice storms a few years back. After Irene, it was only 10 hours while they repaired the sub station down the road. Saturday was 23 hours, and we expected quite a bit worse than that.

But, we were lucky. The gas stations up the road became important. Diesel for utility trucks. Gas for people’s generators. One by one, other stations ran out of gas and the ones in the Triadelphia circle, Shell and Royal Farms, had gas but no power. As we came home Saturday night, we saw trucks run up the road.

That Shell station was the reason we had power, since we are on the same feeder. They got power. So did we. Location. Just lucky while other houses around us were still without power. That was one of those Ah Hah! moments.

We had another of those moments during Snowmageddon. That Royal Farms on Superbowl Sunday was the closest source of food for the snow plow drivers coming out of the Dayton shop. They plowed the local roads down to blacktop on Sunday morning while all our friends in Columbia were snow bound. We only had to get to the road from our driveways and we were out and about.

I remember standing out in the road taking these shots on Saturday the 6th, but by Sunday we were clear and running around.

When we bought our home, we didn’t think of some of these things, but now we are very grateful that buying on a through road, heavily traveled by plows and utility trucks wasn’t that bad of a choice. Sometimes Mother Nature tells you what is important.