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Spring Cleaning: Visiting the Landfill & Getting Ready for Greenfest

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Mondays are my favorite day to hit the landfill. No lines. Things are cleaned up quite a bit. Since we have had less rain than normal, there is no mud back in the yard waste dumping area.

We were up there today dropping off invasive plants we pulled, plus I don’t know how many bags of shredding. I noticed that the hazardous waste collection site opened last Saturday. That means, though, to us we need to brave the large number of county residents who come up on Saturdays. We will at least be able to get rid of all the CFLs in the bag in the garage. Now, if they would just take batteries. We never remember to take them to Radio Shack.

For those with pickup trucks, the county has mulch, top soil and compost for sale at better prices if you need large quantities to do yard work.

For small wood projects, you can also wander into the pallet drop off area and look for scraps. There is no one there today, but many days I see people looking for materials to do wood work, or make bird houses, or frame compost bins. Amazing what you can find there.

I also noticed on the way out, that the 55+ housing is pretty close to the landfill property. Not my idea of a great view. But, they will be close to the Goodwill truck that comes twice a month to that location. Good for spring cleaning and downsizing.

This week, though, we will be taking things on the 14th to Greenfest as part of our cleaning. The boxes of old homeowner association records to shred, some clothing too big to wear anymore for Goodwill, and lots of shoes for the Nike recycling.

If you can’t make it to the landfill to do spring cleaning, don’t forget Greenfest at Howard County Community College.


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