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Monthly Archives: December 2015

‘Tis the Season

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Time to get into high gear and prepare for the holidays. A few things to do, and Christmas decorating to get started.


First up. The Lisbon Parade this coming Saturday. It has changed. It is now starting in the late afternoon.  They had to change from a horse parade to a farm equipment theme. Logistics got too complicated, and the parade was so successful that it outgrew its boundaries.

Not to worry. The party still looks awesome. And that dinner at the Firehouse? Not a bad idea.

As for the other things. I need to head over to get my poinsettias and my tree.

christmas tree and decorations 009

I love the varieties from the Greenway Farm greenhouses.

I also need to stop at TLV for my garlands, and for the beef for our Christmas dinner.

Then, it will be time to start making my cookies. I have been planning ahead this year, making the dough early and freezing it. Makes it simpler to just concentrate on baking.

Somewhere along the way I have to get to Breezy Willow, too. I need to buy stocking stuffers, like their soaps. Maybe a few of the alpaca items for presents. Tea. Jams. Honey. Cheese. Lots of things to buy from the locals.

breezy willow pics plus csa week 6 015

Doesn’t this beat the parking lot at the Mall?

Worth The Weight

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Our CSA, that is.

fandf csa 016

Close to thirty pounds of vegetables for a bit more than $30 a week. The boxes were so heavy this Tuesday. That Thai Kang Kob squash is supposed to be so sweet, you can bake it and eat it just as if it were a pumpkin pie.

There were all sorts of greens in bags. The Belfiore radicchio was simply stunning in color.

fandf csa 020

That’s the radicchio above the baby arugula. This week I swapped two items. Red cabbage and red kale. To get the arugula, which I know my site host doesn’t like, and to get a lovely little romanescu cauliflower.

fandf csa 023

Honestly. I don’t know how we get such incredibly beautiful vegetables that are so fresh, this late in the year.

My other favorites in this week’s basket. The carrots and the radishes.

fandf csa 021

Rainbow carrots in front, and a peek at the Hong Vit radishes in the rear of this picture. The radishes are amazingly sweet. We just peeled them and snacked on them. My husband loves raw radishes, whether they are sweet or peppery.

I have to admit. This was one excellent week for vegetables. We are loving the varieties we are getting.

Thank you, all the Amish farmers that supply Lancaster Farm Fresh with these delicious treats.


Three Good Reasons …

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… to attend the Howard County Conservancy’s Natural Crafts Fair this Saturday.

Reason #1 – it’s free. You don’t have to “pay to play”, so to speak. No admission. Come find that perfect gift while listening to live seasonal music. Bring the family, too.


Reason #2 – there’s a craft area to keep the little (and not so little) ones occupied making crafts from natural materials. All under supervision while you shop.


Reason #3 – the crafts for sale are from local farms, crafters, artisans and painters. All sorts of items. Greenery, too. A number of local garden clubs are selling greenery on the lower level of the Gudelsky Center, while the vendors and the crafts area are located on the main level.

Maybe some local honey?


Or, the perfect decorations for your holiday table?


Saturday, December 5th. 10 am until 3 pm. Mt. Pleasant site of the Conservancy. I will definitely be there volunteering, and picking up some Christmas presents.