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Daily Archives: December 4, 2015

Worth The Weight

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Our CSA, that is.

fandf csa 016

Close to thirty pounds of vegetables for a bit more than $30 a week. The boxes were so heavy this Tuesday. That Thai Kang Kob squash is supposed to be so sweet, you can bake it and eat it just as if it were a pumpkin pie.

There were all sorts of greens in bags. The Belfiore radicchio was simply stunning in color.

fandf csa 020

That’s the radicchio above the baby arugula. This week I swapped two items. Red cabbage and red kale. To get the arugula, which I know my site host doesn’t like, and to get a lovely little romanescu cauliflower.

fandf csa 023

Honestly. I don’t know how we get such incredibly beautiful vegetables that are so fresh, this late in the year.

My other favorites in this week’s basket. The carrots and the radishes.

fandf csa 021

Rainbow carrots in front, and a peek at the Hong Vit radishes in the rear of this picture. The radishes are amazingly sweet. We just peeled them and snacked on them. My husband loves raw radishes, whether they are sweet or peppery.

I have to admit. This was one excellent week for vegetables. We are loving the varieties we are getting.

Thank you, all the Amish farmers that supply Lancaster Farm Fresh with these delicious treats.