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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Feeding Frenzy

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Our little feathered friends were going crazy today, looking for seeds in the swirling snow. At one point, I counted close to a hundred birds in the bushes, on the ground, in the trees and on the feeders.


This is just a subset. But, look closely to see the red winged blackbirds out there. They usually return in late February or early March. I think they got more winter than they wanted. They certainly were vocal out there when I went to add water to the birdbath. It was a very popular spot since the heater gives them access to water even in these temperatures.


The juncos are still hanging around. In the above view, you can also see we got about five inches of snow. Much less than that original forecast of 10+ inches.

Now, we just have to make it through temperatures in the negative numbers overnight. I will have to check RIMPO in the morning to see how low the temps get.

As I type this, the reading was 5 degrees Fahrenheit at the Dayton site.

If you can find a place to put out seeds or nuts for the birds, they will certainly find you. As will lots of other little critters. There are all sorts of tracks across our yard.

Bracing? For A Storm

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Is it really going to snow again? Or, is it all hype. Hang around a few hours and the numbers change. School around here is already canceled for tomorrow. At this rate it will be Fourth of July before they get out for the summer.

I hit the store Saturday, just in case, and because my husband forgot to remind me to get milk when I was at Wegmans Thursday.


Harris Teeter down in Maple Lawn. It was somewhat busy, but well staffed. I had to get some printing at the copying place there, so it was one of those multiple errand trips.

On the way home, passing Boarman’s, you could see the full parking lot.


I assume we all have enough to survive whatever we get. But, I am crossing my fingers that I get to attend Conservancy events this week. It should be a full week for me, if we don’t get mounds of snow, we have middle school training Tuesday. A program meeting and pre-hike for the Hike to the River on Wednesday. Elementary school training begins Thursday. And, Saturday the Hike to the River.

Looking at this crazy schedule, I did take time today to make a couple of pans of lasagna. Half of one for tonight. Half saved for later this week. Leftover pork for another night. The contents of my Friends and Farms baskets are being put to good use here.


I used up the last of my Pappardelles’ peppercorn lasagna noodles. Time to go back to Secolari in the Mall to get more. I used the loose turkey sausage, some dark meat chicken and the tomato puree to make the sauce.

Ricotta, mozzarella, goat cheese and a couple of eggs for the cheese layers. Italian herbs. Nutmeg in the cheese sauce. Simple improvised lasagna.

While we were watching some TV tonight, I made an interesting concoction.


A splash of red wine. A can of citrus flavored sparkling water. A handful of defrosted blackberries from the freezer. A spoonful of simple syrup. Nice wine cooler. Thanks to all those Larriland berries in the freezer.

Bring on the bad weather. But, let it go away quickly.