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Daily Archives: July 30, 2013

Hot Dogs and Fries … With A Twist

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Once every summer my husband requests hot dogs on the grill. Preferably those from his home state, and served on potato rolls.

al fresco july evening 008

Since my motto is “Everything in Moderation”, even though I try to eat locally, while we were coming home from Frederick today (a trip to pick up tractor stuff to service the mower deck), I stopped at Wagners in Mt. Airy. If you have never been to Wagners, it is a must do.

A traditional butcher trip mt airy 037

Much of their meat comes from local farmers and 4Hers. They also carry items from small local suppliers, like Kunzler. So, I bought a package of hot dogs to grill. And some potato rolls.

But the rest of the meal. Definitely not your typical fare. Thanks to the facebook page for the HoCo Farmers Market, I found a recipe for zucchini fries.

al fresco july evening 012

I don’t have Shake and Bake in the house, so here is what I did. Cut the specialty squash into sticks. Filled a bag with panko bread crumbs, grated pecorino cheese and seasoned salt. Eyeballed the whole mess so I didn’t measure. Cracked an egg and whisked it. Dredged all the squash in the egg, then put batches of them into the bag to cover them. Put them in a pan and baked at 450 degrees for 12 minutes, rotating the pan halfway through. I did wipe the pan down with light olive oil to keep the fries from sticking.

al fresco july evening 003

Served it all with the last of the mozzarella and one of the CSA heirlooms. Oh, and my basil.

al fresco july evening 013

A great grill meal on a cool sunny evening, sitting on the patio and watching the baby rabbits chase each other around the shed. Sometimes you just want a hot dog. So, indulge!

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