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Daily Archives: July 4, 2013

The Farmers Never Sleep

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At least that’s how we feel. Today was just another day with a CSA delivery, even though it is Independence Day. You have to harvest crops when they are ready and don’t mess up the rhythm by canceling a CSA day.

Week Seven. Ten items. All of them really things we enjoy. OK, I swapped the kale for fennel, but only because I love fennel.

The list:
1 Bunch French Heirloom Round Carrots- De Glae Organic Farm
2 Slicing Cucumbers- Elm Tree Organics
1 Head Read Leaf- Peaceful Valley Organics
1 Bag Yellow Wax Beans- Sunny Slope Organics
3 Green Zucchini- Autumn Blend Organics
1 Bunch White Beets- Windy Hollow Organics
1 Bunch Fresh Red Onions- Windy Hollow Organics
1 Bag Pickling Cucumbers- Eagle View Organics
1 Bag New Red Potatoes- Green Valley Organics
1 Bunch Green Kale- Life Enhancing Acres (swapped for fennel)

csa summer 2013 week seven 003

I am really happy to see the pickling cucumbers as my husband loves dill pickles and I bought crocks last year at Zanesville Pottery in Ohio.

csa summer 2013 week seven 017

One for pickles and one for sauerkraut. These crocks remind me so much of those my grandparents used.

Today to celebrate the Fourth, we went off to a crab feast at a fellow ham’s (amateur radio) place. I took a potato/green bean salad using up my green beans and a couple of boxes of TLv farm potatoes.

With the wax beans and red potatoes, I can do some for us this weekend.

And, the carrots. These are my favorite freezing carrots. Blanch them. Put them in a bag. In the middle of winter, grate them in soups and sauces.

csa summer 2013 week seven 005

It was a busy day today. We are bushed. But, had a great picnic dinner with locally made sausages from Red Apron Butcher, and with crabs from LP Steamers. Paired with Yuengling Lager from my husband’s home town, a real US based feast for the Fourth of July.