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Daily Archives: July 25, 2013

The Tomato Tsunami

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Week Ten. And so it begins. The onslaught of tomatoes. Thankfully, one of my favorite things.

csa week 10 2013 021

Tomatoes comprised four different items this week. Here is the list:

1 bag red tomatoes – chemical free – Breezy Morning Farm
1 heirloom tomato – chemical free – Breezy Morning Farm
1 quart garden peach heirloom tomatoes – Riverview Organics
1 bag specialty squash – Liberty Acres
1 bag green beans – Liberty Acres
1 bag red beets – Farmdale Organics
1 bag orange carrots – Red Fox Organics
1 bag red garlic – Liberty Branch Organics
1 bag sweet onions – Liberty Branch Organics
1 pack portabello caps – Mother Earth
1 pint mixed cherry tomatoes – Farmdale Organics

Farmdale is the farm we visited for the picnic last Saturday. Picked some of those cherry tomatoes while we were there. Here is the entire haul.

csa week 10 2013 013

I already roasted the beets. Some for salads. Some to pickle.

csa week 10 2013 048

I dry roast my beets in a bed of kosher salt. They shrivel up and concentrate the flavor.

As for that large heirloom tomato, it is destined to be sliced thickly. Covered in basil. Dropping a piece of fresh mozzarella on it and putting it directly on the grill. With dinner tomorrow or Saturday. Pics later.

Here’s to buying locally and supporting our farmers. How much of your food comes from a 100 mile radius of your home? The more, the better. For freshness, health and the environment you can’t beat eating locally grown fruit and veggies, meat, cheese, eggs.