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Tomatoes! Tomatoes!

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CSA Week Seven. The tomatoes finally arrived. It is officially summer.

csa week 7 13 and flowers and dinner 011

We got a bag of red tomatoes. OK, I got two bags because I swapped cabbage. Here is the list.

6 ears sweet corn – Farmdale Organics
1 bag yellow wax beans – Sunny Slope Organics
1 bag pickling cucumbers – Outback Farm
1 bunch yellow chard – Eagle View Organics
2 slicing cucumbers – Elm Tree Organics
1 bag red tomatoes – Riverview Organics
1 bunch red cylindra beets – Rolling Ridge Organics
1 bag green beans – Healthy Harvest Organics
1 bag new Yukon gold potatoes – Hillside Organics
1 head cabbage – Twin Pines Organics
1 bunch orange carrots – Sunny Slope Organics

csa week 7 13 and flowers and dinner 003

I swapped to get the tomatoes so I could make gazpacho. Tomorrow at the Hospital market, I am hoping to find bell peppers. The only missing ingredient to make my gazpacho recipe.

Check out these cylindra beets. They created a bunch of comments at the pick up site today.

csa week 7 13 and flowers and dinner 010

As for what came home today, quite a bit of it made it into dinner. Like my salad.

csa week 7 13 and flowers and dinner 110

Sliced tomatoes, goat cheese, basil, salt, pepper and olive oil. Simple, lovely, summer on a plate.

Oh, and of course, we devoured all six ears of corn.

csa week 7 13 and flowers and dinner 095

Corn on the cob, a salad, and a simple pounded chicken breast. Dinner. Loving summertime. And, Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op.


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  1. We got tomatoes this week too, first time in 7+ months. Delightful! My kids aren’t into fresh tomatoes, so they are ALL MINE.


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