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Make Hay While the Sun Shines

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Or maybe I should title this post, cut the grass before it rains again. Remember this pic from yesterday?

weather with the rain 076

All that rain. Today it dried up enough in most of the front yard to cut it.

pa trip and orchards and kielbo 060

Except we still can’t go down into the hollow below the guardrail, where it is still soggy.

We went off to Pennsylvania today. Our annual “Check Out the Cemetery” trip. To see if any maintenance needs to be done on my in laws’ graves. It was still raining up there, and I still get slightly weirded out by those “windmills”.

pa trip and orchards and kielbo 015

A few years ago, they appeared on the hillside behind the cemetery. Including the one just the other side of the fence from my inlaws’ gravesites.

pa trip and orchards and kielbo 021

We did have to make a side trip to get authentic kielbo from the local vendor.

pa trip and orchards and kielbo 030

Interesting, though, it ended up not as garlicky as my husband remembered it. Still, it was the basis for dinner tonight.

pa trip and orchards and kielbo 052

We took the back way home to stop at Peters.

pa trip and orchards and kielbo 042

Some strawberries, English peas, high tunnel cherry tomatoes. There weren’t any shoo fly pies, unfortunately.

Then, home to cut the grass, and cherish that sunshine to eat out back while enjoying the view.

pa trip and orchards and kielbo 065

Hope the weather stays nice.

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