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Daily Archives: March 27, 2013

CSA Week Four, Greens Galore!

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Lots of spinach and salad mix this week. A pound of spinach and 1/2 pound of salad greens. Fresh, peppery arugula mixed in those greens. Loving that spring-y quality creeping in among all the winter root veggies.

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This week it was still breezy out at Breezy Willow, but worth the wait.

We got:
1 pound spinach
1/2 pound salad mix
3 pounds potatoes
1/2 pound bean sprouts
1 bulb garlic
3 parsnips
1 pound humongous Brussels sprouts
3 grapefruit
1 Napa cabbage

early bird csa week four 008

Bread: I picked the High Five Fiber bread.

early bird csa week four 015

Value Added Week: this isn’t an egg week, so we got fresh cheese, I picked white cheddar. The other choices were colby or Monterey Jack.

I picked up some Trickling Springs fresh butter, to use in making this recipe for Brussels Sprouts. Just pull all those large leaves off the sprouts. Save the centers to steam another night. Get fresh butter and a little olive oil in a pan. Get the butter nice and frothy and brown, add the leaves. Keep them moving unless you like them crispy. Add a dash of salt and pepper. Just simple browned butter sprouts.

Although with the huge potatoes, I could make colcannon again. Add the parsnips to it also, maybe.

Last week we ate everything but two grapefruit, and the carrots. And, a third of the bread. Bread was the item I worried about. We don’t eat lots of it. I did decide that this weekend I will make croutons with the last of the white bread, to use on salads.

Looks like two people who love veggies can utilize all the CSA items. It does take planning, and making veggies the star of the dinner plate. Not a bad thing.

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