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Daily Archives: March 22, 2013

Too Many Tomatoes

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No, you can never have too many tomatoes. At least that is the case at our house. I am currently deciding which plants to buy this year. I often get asked how we can handle two dozen tomato plants for two people. Easy. The freezer, and oven drying them first. I am plowing through the supplies in the freezer this winter.

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Between the CSA tomatoes and my tomatoes, I put away in the freezer approximately three dozen freezer bags of blanched tomatoes, plastic containers of oven dried with herbs or onions, and plastic containers of tomato sauce. I have less than a dozen left. Getting close to that point where I will be craving fresh tomatoes and can’t wait for summer. The other major item that freezes well and I have used extensively is the pesto. Tomatoes and basil, both staples in my garden. As winter ends, my stocks are being depleted. Greenway Farms is the source of my most prolific producing basil, which was the African blue basil. There will be another half dozen plants like the ones that I harvested all fall last year.

pesto and raptor red 007

I will definitely get more red fig, if they have them at the master gardener’s stand on Earth Day at the Conservancy. They produced lots of tasty tiny tomatoes, perfect for freezing. They are an heirloom, first cultivated in the 1700s in North America. They are sweet and dried, they are a treat, just like fig jam. I oven roast them with a little sugar, salt, pepper and olive oil. All winter long they come out of the freezer and onto pasta, bursting with flavor.

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I may do Great White again, as I had success with them last year. My best producers were the Amish paste, the pineapple, and the yellow plum varieties. Can’t wait to get those plants in the ground and see the first fruit of the summer. Nothing like a room full of sunshine, just picked tomatoes.

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Anyone else getting that gardening itch?