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Daily Archives: March 21, 2013

We Interrupt Spring …

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… for a last blast from winter. There were snow flurries last night. Temps in the 30s and low wind chill. Will it go away soon? Last year on the 22nd of March I took these pictures.

fennel salad spring pics 013

Yes, the tulips were up. This year they are barely above ground, even though they peeked out of the ground in late January. Totally different weather this winter. Never really snowy or extended cold, but never having those really warm days we had last year.

How about snowballs?

conservancy and snowball stand 056

The Woodstock snowball stand was open last March. I drove by today on my way home from the Conservancy and no sign of snowballs yet. Looking at their facebook page and following on twitter. Waiting for the weather to make us ready for a stop there after a day as a volunteer.

My weeping cherry, a year ago.

conservancy and snowball stand 075

There aren’t even blooms on it right now.

At least I can plan by drooling over the Sharp Farm plant list, readying my wish list for the April 19 opening of the greenhouses. I bought most of my tomatoes there last year, and many other plants.

lisbon and dinner 083

And, we get to go hiking this weekend to learn how to do forest forensics. If you are looking for a truly enriching experience, sign up for one of the hikes, or the lecture tomorrow night at the Conservancy. Tom Wessels is simply amazing.

Waiting not so patiently for spring. What happened to global warming? Tired of cold blustery days and ready to transplant greens.