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Daily Archives: December 17, 2011

Lazy Saturday Mornings

Today started out nicely, and then only got better at the Silver Spring Farmer’s Market.

This week will be interesting, and it was nice to have a lazy sleep in day, with a local breakfast, and a trip to the market for apples and greens.

Turns out we got way more than that. But first, breakfast. We have eggs to use, as this week starts my new CSA on Friday that includes eggs. The egg bin needs attention. These are South Mountain Creamery eggs.

Their butter, their eggs, Atwater’s spelt bread and the only non-local items were the salt and pepper.

Then off to the market, where I discovered the wonders of Mock’s Greenhouse fresh produce grown year round in fourteen greenhouses. The heirloom tomatoes just jumped up and called to us so we had to buy some. And, their basil as well. With Firefly Farms goat cheese, these will be tomorrow’s appetizer for my weekly Dark Days Meal.

I know there will be many more visits to the markets where they sell these lovely tomatoes.