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Daily Archives: December 6, 2011

Taking Stock

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Five weeks ago, I started blogging here. I had decided that something new and challenging was needed in my life to bridge the gap from fall to spring, my favorite two seasons.

Winter here gets a little intense at times.

Now, this was extreme, but you know, there are advantages and disadvantages to a steep roof. The snow falls off. When the total snowfall is two feet and the roof dumps another three all around the house, it gets interesting. At least blogging will keep me sane.

I love fall.

The weather is crisp and beautiful. I still have herbs and lettuces. But then, the rains come and the temperatures drop. And then, it snows!

I was reading my first posts here and noticing how life gets in the way of planning. I noticed I planned certain events or meals and things changed. But then, that is what makes life interesting.

The Dark Days Challenge fell into my life to fill the void. I am looking forward to doing many new things, like cooking with foods from small businesses.

Why focus on this challenge? Because I miss my volunteer “job”, leading school children on nature hikes on a preserved piece of farmland not far from my home. We hike spring and fall. Dark days are here, and not the time to lead nature hikes. So, we settle in for winter, and use what we have grown, saved and can find to sustain us until spring.

I hope the snow gods are kind to us this winter. We already have more than enough moisture in the soil. Our trees are toppling in the soggy ground.

Come on Spring!