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Daily Archives: December 4, 2011

The Wonder of Dupont Circle Market

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I have to admit. I agree that without mucho dinero it is difficult to shop at Dupont Circle. Their prices are far beyond our local market prices, but our markets are closed and they are still producing.

This lovely site also happens to have wheat, rye and oat berries ready for milling. For when I really get adventurous and want to make my own whole grain flours.

We did decide that supporting local bakeries is more important to us at this time then searching for sources of local grains. For Dark Days that means buying breads from people who care about the product and produce the most flavorful breads we have ever found.

Maybe I will get to that level of baking competency but until then Atwaters and Bonaparte really do rock.

The top bread is Kalamata Olive and the bottom bread is Rosemary Lemon. Atwaters does buy spelt from a source in PA, but we don’t always know what breads use the local spelt.

We spent a lovely day at the market and picked up some goodies to use in Dark Days Challenge.