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Daily Archives: December 21, 2011

Drowning in CSA’s


Two in the same day. Our fall CSA ended today, and the winter one I found was supposed to start Friday but moved up deliveries to today due to the holiday.

Thankfully, the next delivery is January 6th.

I love Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative. The large number of farmers means lots of choices. Today finished the eight week fall offerings. DH carried home almost 30 pounds of veggies.

We got:
Baby bull’s blood beets
Buttercup squash
bag of kale
red cabbage
sweet potatoes
Yukon gold potatoes

Then, our winter CSA with a meat and egg option was delivered to the porch this afternoon. We picked a small share, of six items, and go on line to choose from the ten available.

One dozen eggs
One half free range turkey
cranberry chutney
red potatoes
Spanish onion
Romanescu cauliflower
Tangelos (from a small farm in the south, we will have options to buy citrus during the winter)

I can’t believe how much the CSAs have changed what we eat and how we think about where our food originates. Eating better than we did when we worked and loving the variety of it.

Freezer Foraging

I have been meaning to clean out the freezer for some time. With my delivery this week of my first winter CSA, plus the last pick up of the fall CSA, I will be needing the space.

I love crockpot soups and stews so today I took the opportunity to clean out some items. I found tomato basil sausage from the Amish market in Lancaster, plus some chicken stock, and rosemary olive bread slices left from Atwater’s.

I added the last of the mustard greens and bok Choy from the fridge. And, the last of the frozen plum tomatoes from the summer CSA, when I was drowning in tomatoes. I added a can of diced tomatoes, some canned butter beans, some leftover bacon bits from the freezer, some honey, sage from the garden, salt, pepper, onions, garlic, cinnamon, and a dried chile.

Voila! Beans and greens and sausage soup! It smells heavenly in here, not quite as good as yesterday when I finished the Christmas cookies, but still really fragrant aromas are wafting into the family room as I type.