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The new and improved country store.

fandf and breexy willow 010

For their grand opening yesterday, I took some time off from moving stuff around the painters to head out to Woodbine (the weird part of Woodbine that drops below the interstate and is between Lisbon and Glenwood) to see the new Breezy Willow Farm addition, at Hopkins Springs.

fandf and breexy willow 018

Right on Frederick Rd. Between Carrs Mill and Bushy Park. The family bought this historic property and will make it their CSA pick up point for those picking up at the farm.

The site is great. Much more parking and a big area for those intrepid early bird members, who used to get a little cold up on the hill at the old site.

fandf and breexy willow 016

They have expanded their offerings at the store to include freshly baked items from the Amish. I brought home a six pack of cookies yesterday. The produce pick up area is across the way from the farm store. Both areas are heated, and much more comfortable.

I also like their new options, for summer CSA. You can pick a weekly or biweekly pick up. You can sign up for full CSA, or delete the bread and eggs portion, just to get fruit and vegetables. Good new choices for those who are vegan.

fandf and breexy willow 014

The chickens have moved out to the new farm. I wonder if the alpacas are coming soon?

breezy willow pics plus csa week 6 011

I need to ask them the next time I head out there for a Saturday morning shopping spree.

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