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Daily Archives: February 15, 2014

Holding It Close

As in closely sourced items for a stellar Valentine’s Day dinner.


When you look at this dinner plate, you can’t tell initially that it reflects a commitment to local, seasonal and small business sourced items for a meal.

Filet Mignon. Green bean casserole. Baked potato.

What is local about all this?

The Filets. England Acres.


Pan seared and coated with a mushroom gravy.

Potatoes. From our Friends and Farms basket. Baked. Then sprinkled with truffle salt, and doused in white balsamic. A couple of specialty items from Secolari.


A simple green bean casserole.


Mixed together and baked.

Really. Why go to restaurants when at a fraction of the cost you can make a simple meal with better items.