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Daily Archives: February 13, 2014

Slammed Again

Mother Nature is winning. Howard County got slammed again with snow, sleet, freezing rain. Oh, and after it stopped for a few hours, it started again.


And, they lied. The 1-3 inches predicted is already 4 1/2 inches. On top of the 16 inches this morning.


Getting the snow away from the garage to get the snow thrower going. Thankfully, our neighbor’s son assisted with their ATV to clear part of the driveway.

Tonight though, I am worried about the weight of this snow. Trees are getting bogged down all over again.


I always worry about the lace maples.

As for tomorrow, there is another storm coming in the evening. I wonder if we will even have the Conservancy event Saturday. Check out the website to see if it gets canceled.

As for us tomorrow, we are crossing our fingers that we make it to the ribbon cutting and grand opening of Secolari, in the Mall.

Did I say I hate winter?