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Daily Archives: December 19, 2013

The. End.

Of the fall season CSA. It feels so final, to not have a guaranteed source of organic, fresh, amazing vegetables available, from week to week.

You get used to it.

Hopefully, the winter CSA over at MOM’s Jessup will get enough sign ups.

As for today, what a great final haul of goodness.


The Lancaster Farm non profit cooperative delivers amazingly fresh items to us. Like these. Even at the end of the season.

We got:
sliced white mushrooms
Portobello mushrooms
Jerusalem artichokes
red beets
Brussels sprouts
rutabagas (I swapped for green cabbage)
russet potatoes
Yukon gold potatoes
Celery root

Red beets will be roasted tomorrow. The potatoes are hanging on a hook in the garage, waiting for their transfer to the kitchen to cook. There will be brown butter Brussels sprouts soon.

I love making the popcorn while watching movies.


This is the first week we got flaxseed rye bread. Should be really great with the mushroom pate I made last week. And, I have enough to make more this weekend.


Crossing my fingers that the winter CSA will be stocked enough to happen. I can’t believe how much we get every week, and all of it so great tasting.