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Daily Archives: December 21, 2013

Christmas Cookies Round Two

The cookie baking marathon continues. This time I am striving to make thin crispy buttery sugar cookies, similar to my mom’s.

I used the Bon Appetit Ultimate Sugar Cookie recipe, with a few very slight modifications.


My first sheet of cookies. A little thicker than I wanted. But, they have a really good taste so I soldier on, learning to make them thinner and getting into a rhythm so as not to have them stick to the paper.


The dough starts out as one that is pretty difficult to roll, unless you get it to just the right temperature. I had quite a few messy cookies, and of course, we make ugly ones to eat (just to see how they taste).


I like that one in the middle that looks like the state of Indiana. Cookie blobs, made specifically to taste, are part of the fun of baking for the holidays.

Finally …


… a container with about three dozen for us and friends, and a separate container of the best, to give to my mom.

She called today and we talked about her cookies. Hers are made with margarine, and I just can’t bring myself to use it. This recipe is the closest tasting to hers, the right balance of sugar. I don’t frost my cookies, just use the sprinkles on them.

Up tomorrow, the chocolate pistachio cookies from the same Bon Appetit. They are chilling in the fridge overnight.

Finally, there will be gingerbread. And, maybe some chocolate toffee bark if I have time.

Getting in the spirit now. Three days to go.