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Eat A Peach

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Or in my case, freeze a peach.

food saver peaches and tomatoes 020

At today’s market, I picked up a basket full of seconds from Lewis orchards. Brought them home, blanched them, cut them up and put them away to become something good (like a galette) this winter. Whenever I can find the seconds, they are a great deal for getting peaches to freeze.

Or, maybe we will head out to Larriland this week. Peaches and blackberries. To round out my fruit stash for next winter.

Today I also oven dried and froze my first pan of cherry and roma tomatoes.

food saver peaches and tomatoes 010

I oven dry tomatoes after slow roasting them at 250 degrees for two or so hours. They were liberally sprinkled with pepper, dusted with salt and sugar, and tossed in olive oil before roasting.

These beauties will brighten a winter day in a pasta dish.

I have to admit, there are five fruits that I associate with July and August. Tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches and blackberries.

Yes, tomatoes are a fruit. A lovely fruit but not the same as those incredibly soft juicy ripe peaches.

And, yes, food savers are amazing devices.

food saver peaches and tomatoes 012

You just have to use the moist setting, normal and leave lots of room so the juice doesn’t all leak out.


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  1. Did you blanche them whole before peeling and pitting them? It’s a great idea!

  2. I once saw an Alton Brown show where he suggested smushing up a Vitamin C tablet to help with browning before freezing peaches–so I’ve done that. I need to check for peach second, though, as we used up our frozen peach stash 2 summers ago.
    You’re reminding me I meant to look at Foodsaver while I was down at Costco the other day. I’m doing the straw-sucking-ziploc method.

    • The food saver is expensive to buy. If not used often, I am not sure the investment is worth it.

      Thankfully, mine was “free” as my brother no longer was using it, and it was taking up space in their pantry.


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