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Daily Archives: February 23, 2013

Paper Calendars

I am surprised that there are still lots of paper calendars out there. Many of us have changed to using our tablets or smart phones to record upcoming events. But, my husband still likes that calendar hanging on the side of the refrigerator. I picked up a very interesting free calendar out at England Acres last month. This is a new one for me.

eating locally freezer foraging 018

I am learning all sorts of facts about locally pasture raised meats from this one. Like the February fact.

dinner 040

Each month also includes recipes, so today using one of my TLV chickens, I am making this recipe. Should be a good dinner as the rub smells wonderful, and the white BBQ sauce tastes really nice. It has been in the fridge since last night.

cooking locally 030

I am using half a chicken so I cut the amounts in half. The chicken looks like this as it is marinating.

cooking locally 039

Here is the recipe for the BBQ sauce. This is really good sauce. Strange combination but it works.

cooking locally 033

I know I cut off the end of the page in the pic. Just brush it on during the last ten minutes of cooking. I also cut this recipe in half since I have half a chicken. Use a little more Old Bay if you want a spicier sauce.

Tomorrow I will be posting my weekly Eat Local meal, and this will probably be it. There are other really good recipes on this calendar, that may show up on my table soon.