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Daily Archives: February 1, 2013

Tulips in January?

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What is it with the weather here in Howard County? Yesterday my husband told me the tulips were coming up in the front yard.

tulips and other things 012

Yeah, those little leaves poking up in front of the mums I cut back to the ground. Those same tulips that bloomed in March last year.

cherry trees 100

Those same tulips that bloomed in late April 2009. I wonder when they will bloom this year as they are really early.

2009 April tulips

2009 April tulips

This week has been one crazy roller coaster ride, with snow, ice, rain, tornado watches, thunderstorms, floods, and super high winds. All we need are plagues of locusts. As for the 2.5 inches of rain in a 24 hour period earlier this week, the stormwater management on the property did what it was supposed to do.

stormwater and italian meal 051

All of the water from our shared driveway and my neighbor’s field came down to the depression that allows it to run into our yard and around the back of the house.

From there,

stormwater and italian meal 045

it heads off past my herb garden on its way to the vegetable garden. That area is the final destination for most of the water, where it will perk back into the ground water and become part of the water table. So far, knock on wood, we have never had to redrill the well even during our worst droughts. Of course, our well is about 500 feet deep, but we are lucky to be in a good location.

stormwater and italian meal 047

Now, if it ever stops raining, I need to finish the garden clean up. I got all the cages and tomato plants out. I just need to clear out those morning glory vines from the fence, and pull up the black fabric barrier. This shaded garden is going to be the new home for many shade tolerant herbs, and I am going to experiment with some cooler weather varieties of plants. Just for the heck of it, I will be putting in pumpkin seeds in one section.

Just cross our fingers the weather doesn’t get nasty for Super Bowl Sunday. We all remember the blizzards of 2010 that weekend, don’t we? Not going to many parties in Howard County when most roads looked like this or worse and it took a week to clear out all the snow from back to back storms.

February 6, 2010

February 6, 2010

We had 25 inches of snow that Saturday. The equivalent amount of snow that 2.5 inches of rain could have been this year if the temperatures had been lower.

I think I am happier with all the rain. The 2010 blizzard was a real pain to shovel.