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A Day at the Conservancy

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Today I finally had a day out and about all by myself, without just riding around being chauffeured by my husband and not being able to do much. I went to the Conservancy to be one of the hike leaders for the Howard Legacy Leadership Institute on the Environment (HoLLIE) class finishing their course work and beginning their internships across the county non-profits.

I graduated from HoLLIE and volunteered at the Conservancy, working on planning programs like the one tomorrow night with Tony Geraci talking about healthy lunches for school aged children. The time I spent working with the committee to bring new and interesting programs to the site has been satisfying to me. I have met so many wonderful people, who along with me give freely of their precious time on educational programs, field trips, and much more. The Gudelsky Center is the location for the artwork, and the nature center is in the basement.

We went to visit Ranger, our rescued barred owl who was out last night visiting a County library, I hear.

The bee hives, where Howard County Beekeepers harvest the honey that they sell and give part of the proceeds to the Conservancy, and I buy to use in my cooking.

Today what made it even more fun was the opening of the art exhibit for the juried art show. The exhibit goes through April 19th, when the silent auction takes place. I already have my eye on an amazing piece made of porcelain. There’s also a whimsical one made with marbles. I will be writing about the art show later, once I take a few pics in better light than noon today.

While out and about on the trails, we searched for and found skunk cabbage opening up, along the east branch near the north end of the property. Always a sure sign of spring. A beautiful day, with temps far above what they should be in March.

Tomorrow is a full day there. I will be there for a history walk with the volunteers at 8:30. There is elementary school training for volunteer naturalists at 9:30, and Tony Geraci’s program at 7 PM.

Sometimes I do wonder how I ever found time to work.