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Daily Archives: July 24, 2015

Portalli’s in Old Ellicott City

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The scene of a farewell party for a fellow local blogger.

fandf portallis 018

My first visit to their upstairs outdoor dining area. Real Al Fresco dining without looking at a parking lot or storm water management pond.

Overall, impressive. And the food is good. I judge a restaurant sometimes by how well they execute calamari. Theirs was lovely. Lightly battered. Not greasy. Good marinara. Enjoyed with some blogging friends, and a very nice glass of pinot grigio with it.

We were sending off Claire, our UK Desperate Housewife, who is headed back across the pond after three years here in Howard County.

fandf portallis 026

She probably has seen more in Howard County than many permanent residents, as she definitely gets involved and has loved the experience.

This was a hocoblogs party. Our local blogging “newspaper”. I love going to the parties to meet fellow writers, and to catch up on what is happening around the county.

I was impressed with Portalli’s. It, along with Pure Wine, are now two more destinations on my somewhat small list of restaurants I like. Just don’t make me go to a chain restaurant. I love these individually owned places.

Thanks again to Portalli’s for hosting a party for the community. Ellicott City is one of our treasures. The feel of small town Main Street. Nice place with a view.