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Daily Archives: February 27, 2015

Preventive Maintenance

I have the greatest respect for those who work outdoors in weather like this. Who don’t seem to care if it’s cold, windy, or there’s a foot of snow on the ground. They just do their job. And, most of them love what they do.

bartlett 007

Including climbing and pruning very large trees.

We have used Bartlett to do the really large jobs around here, for years. They have also climbed trees just to put antenna wire anchors into the very top of them. Like this one.

bartlett 014

At the very top of our boundary tree, you can see the ropes where my husband attaches the extremely long wires to use for the lowest frequencies for his radio contacts. Thankfully, today, in the snow, we didn’t need that level of climbing, but we did want the trimming work done before the leaves start coming in. This work has been moved more than once due to weather, but today, they thought, we can do this.

bartlett 005

Let’s just say one of the harder parts of this job was getting the truck in the driveway. Yesterday, my husband and Marty Adams, our local representative from Bartlett, cleared the driveway wide enough to make it navigable for the truck. Marty is a Howard County native who is great to work with.

For us, this work yearly by Bartlett is important to maintain the health of our largest and most valuable trees. They do the difficult stuff for us. Pruning out the dead portion of one of my prized Japanese maples.

bartlett 012

Shaping and pruning the ornamentals. Climbing and pruning the 50-60 foot tall hardwoods. Like the maples and the pin oaks. So far, crossing our fingers, we haven’t lost any of our largest shade trees in the hurricanes, the derecho, and the ice storms. Because we do take the time and effort to do the preventive maintenance.

Our trees are part of the charm of our property. They can’t easily be replaced.


The maple in springtime. Here’s hoping it gets here soon.