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Daily Archives: November 19, 2011

Dark Days Preparation

I am getting ready for the dark days challenge. I have inventoried the farmer’s market and neighbor’s contributions of meats in the freezer and looking at what stocks and veggies are also in there.

I have my peppers drying.

I also have the dried sage hanging in the garage, and thankfully the rosemary is still going strong.

Garlic and jellies around, and some gifts from friends who traveled, like blueberry chutney. Honey from the bee hives where I volunteer.

Local wines in the cellar, and a few six packs of locally brewed beer. Apple cider still coming in from a local farm

The CSA and the Amish markets should help me make it through the winter. Fifteen weeks is a long time, and there may be some omelets and soups more than I usually make, but at least I am doing a small part to work on reducing my carbon footprint.

Baby steps, we call them, but worth it to me.