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Daily Archives: May 22, 2014

Mangia Italiano!

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Italian feast. That’s what we can make with this week’s Friends and Farms basket.

F&F may 22 003

Within this basket is a serious baseline for “gravy” or as known here in the States, tomato sauce.

Tomatoes. An onion. Garlic. Carrots. Basil. Sweet Italian sausage. Mushrooms. Really, you can have one very interesting experimental session making your own version of an Italian staple.

But, you know you can add that Swiss chard.

As for other meals, this is my egg and bacon week.

F&F may 22 007

Eggs and bacon. There is probably not much else that just jumps up and makes us happy.

Well, maybe strawberries.

F&F may 22 014

We all got a quart of strawberries. This should do well with finishing off that yogurt I bought last week.

And, the chicken.

F&F may 22 011

This weekend. One spatchcocked grilled chicken coming up.

F&F may 22 012

I forgot! Those pea shoots. You know, I definitely love pea shoots. But, they have to be eaten soon.

Great Memorial Day basket! Time to get grilling!