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Daily Archives: May 2, 2014

What’s In Your Basket?

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CSA season is upon us. Baskets and pick ups will begin soon. For us, we still get our Friends and Farms weekly small basket. Which will soon change to an individual basket, if we hear that Lancaster Farm Fresh got enough people to keep our CSA alive.

One week to go for that decision. In the meantime, Friends and Farms continues to deliver their quality product. This week, much more on the fresh front.

FandF may 1 and cooking 014

The wide angle view of the entire May 1 delivery.

What was in there?

FandF may 1 and cooking 015

Arctic char. Which almost immediately was being marinated in wine, oil and spices. Next to the char was the package of sirloin steaks. They were the proteins this week.

FandF may 1 and cooking 017

Well, except for the ewe crème cheese and the eggs. And the usual bread, this week honey whole wheat, rounded out the non vegetable and fruit items.

Moving on to the veggies.

FandF may 1 and cooking 020

Red leaf lettuce. Greenhouse tomatoes. Sweet potatoes. A boatload of kale. Onions. Apples.

Oh, almost forgot about one of my favorites. The raw Virginia peanuts. There is nothing like roasting spiced peanuts, or maybe getting bold enough to make peanut butter. The peanuts have a sheet with the recipes.

How easy is that?

This week is serious small plate heaven. The cheese. Perfect for crackers. With some of my famous (?) habanero jelly on it. Peanuts. Sit out on the patio and have a snack with a beer. Kale. I like this kale for kale chips.