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Daily Archives: December 4, 2012

Seventy Five Degrees

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That’s what the thermometer said when I returned to my car after a meeting at the Conservancy today. It is December 4th, for Pete’s sake! Really weird weather.

There were people flying radio controlled airplanes on the field. People jogging up the road to head off into the grasslands for a run. A lone motorcyclist cruising slowly through checking out the place. It was a weird sight, though, as yesterday when I was there, they were hammering in the poles along the road to show where the gravel ends and the grass begins. That “snow lane”.

Yes, it will rain and get cooler, but these lovely days are such a treat. A drink on the chairs watching the world go by on the road, and enjoying the last gasp of the mums and the lace maple.

november garden food and cleaning 049

And, my garlic keeps growing. Hope it does OK over the winter since it is already so tall. This is what it looked like a while back, it is even taller today.

november garden food and cleaning 023

I have been watching the long term forecast and we know it will be getting colder and damp for a few days. If you want to do something awesome next week, on Thursday the 13th of December, the Conservancy is hosting a meteor watch from 9:30 until you can’t take it anymore or 2 am. Dr. Joel Goodman and Dr. Alex Storrs will be there. The long term forecast calls for clear and freezing. Bring your woolies, your lounge chair, a blanket and a thermal cup, since one of our board members will be making hot chocolate for the attendees.

Put it on your calendar. Cross your fingers the weather cooperates. We had a great party for the Transit of Venus. Hope the Geminids give us another one.