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Daily Archives: December 1, 2012

I Helped Build a Hex-Beam Yesterday

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What did you do? Anything as insane as helping build an antenna? Not what most people do on Friday afternoons.

hexbeam 047

My husband is replacing most of the wires hanging off the attic with a 50′ crank up tower with a multiband antenna mounted on it. We put it together yesterday. Here’s hoping the deer don’t run into it before we get it mounted on the tower. I did the girl thing. I read the directions to be sure we did it right.

hexbeam 031

It is sitting protected in the yard, while my better half puts anchors in the ground for the guy wires and puts the base of the crank up tower in place. At least you won’t see this tower from the house, or the patio, or the road as it sits in a clearing behind the oak tree.

Looks like what? It is definitely an interesting antenna. I think it looks like something from Star Trek.

hexbeam 059

Next week, stay tuned. The crank up tower, pictured on the right, gets put up.

outdoors in the fall nut harch 073

What fun things did you do Friday? Ah, retirement, always an adventure.