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Daily Archives: August 5, 2017

A Blue Ribbon Day

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Persistent. That would be my efforts to do well with my vegetables at the county fair. I have learned quite a bit, over the years.

Finally, a ribbon for my heirlooms. Second place there. Almost to that elusive goal I set when I first submitted two Brandywine tomatoes. This time it was the lovely black cherry tomatoes grown from the plants I purchased at the farmer’s market, from Love Dove Farms.

But, the big news. THREE blue ribbons. Never have I been that successful. What have I learned? Consistency in size. Blemish free and classic shapes. Unique herbs like the bay leaf from my plant on the patio. Okra, which not many people grow, and I was lucky to have seven pods bright and shiny. The San Marzanos finally started pumping out pretty red tomatoes.

I didn’t expect to do this well. It makes it all worthwhile, weeding, watering, sweating during the warmest days.

Today we celebrated. Had a soft shell crab sandwich from the JB Seafood tent at the fair, followed by a relaxing visit to the beer garden. Manor Hill Farmhouse Ale.

We will be at the fair many more days this week. It’s one of my favorite weeks in the summer.